Great thanks to the German TV broadcast NDR and the team of “Ostseereport”

New seaweed report now online

In the beginning of July, a German TV team from NDR “Ostseereport” has visited us at the Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Infrastructure, University of Gothenburg in Tjärnö.

Besides exploring and showing Swedens first marine nationalpark Kosterhavet, the TV report explains some of our seaweed research carried out at our institute in the middle of the fascinating surroundings of the nationalpark.

I had a great time with the very sympathetic TV host Kristin Recke and her team!

So: If you were ever asking yourself how to cultivate algae and what could seaweeds be useful for, you can now get some visual insights in our work.

Watch the TV report by clicking on the link below. The information on our seaweed cultivation starts at about minute 30 (in German only).,sendung928790.html

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