NEW PUBLICATION: Seasonality matters in sea-based cultivation of Ulva

Read our new publication at Frontiers in Marine Science

During the past years, Ulva biomass has received increasing interest from the aquaculture sector due to its compelling traits as crop and its diverse economic applications – such as in the food industry and its polysaccharides have been successfully used for innovative future materials.

In our new publication we assessed the yield and quality of large-scale, sea-based
cultivated U. fenestrata biomass along a harvest period from early spring to early summer in the Northern Hemisphere. We quantified growth, fertility, and biomass yield, and quality measures of the Ulva biomass were conducted by measuring fouling coverage and through analyses of the biochemical composition.

Our study identifies U. fenestrata as a suitable crop for large-scale production in marine Scandinavian waters and gives an important knowledge basis for the selection of optimal harvest times. Harvest times can be selected depending on desired yield and/or biochemical composition of the biomass to support subsequent refining processes.

Our study aims to support the growing Blue Economy in the NE-Atlantic region and contributes knowledge to tackle a shift towards more sustainable future resources.

You can read our study at Frontiers in Marine Science, here.

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