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Classification of seaweed communities in the Baltic Sea – New article

Our study provides a first baseline for future monitoring efforts in the Baltic Sea

Macrophytobenthic communities of the upper sub- and supralittoral zones of the Baltic Sea are particularly exposed to impacts such as climate change and artificial disturbances. Their biodiversity and classification – the study of composition – and the monitoring of their respective structural changes
is therefore particularly important.

In our new open access paper, we present results on the classification of the current macrophytobenthic communities from the supralittoral and upper sublittoral zone of the southwestern Baltic Sea coasts. Our study represents the first phytosociological study within the study area, building on a recent
revision of its inventory of Ulvales species, which are a very important component of the communities studied. It provides a baseline for future monitoring efforts and enables the detection of transformations of the macrophytobenthos in the SW Baltic Sea.

You can read our study “Vegetation of the supralittoral and upper sublittoral zones of the Western German Baltic Sea coast: a phytosociological study” in Botanica Marina.

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