A stable taxonomic framework for Ulva – NEW ARTICLE

Contribution to arrive at a stable nomenclature within the genus Ulva

Our latest article “An appraisal of Ulva (Ulvophyceae, Chlorophyta) taxonomy” is now available at Journal of Applied Phycology.

Focus of the article are the different perspectives of establishing a stable and reliable taxonomic framework for the very variable genus Ulva. The performance of commonly used DNA barcode markers were evaluated by using distinct species delimitation methods and furthermore species name application and coverage of gentically available data of Ulva represenatatives have been investigated.

With the increase and availability of genomic data, Ulva taxonomy is entering a new era and a solid taxonomic framework in the ecologically but also economically valuable genus Ulva is needed. The aim of the article is to support both, applied and ecological research in order to omit false applications of names, mis-identification of species, and generate a solid and universally applicable taxonomic tool box.

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