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NEW year, NEW species, NEW biodiversity article

DNA barcoding of the German green supralittoral zone indicates the distribution and phenotypic plasticity of Blidingia species and reveals Blidingia cornuta sp. nov.

Already as a child I spent most of the time outside, playing “explorer” with my brother by observing everything that we could find in the outdoors. My passion for exploring and discovering new things accompanies me ever since and makes this new article of ours – in which we describe a new algae species – really special for me.

Our new open access publication  focuses on the green algae genus Blidingia. Representatives of this genus shape the upper and mid-supralittoral zones in temperate and subarctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Based on a combination of modern molecular methods, ontogenetic observations and classical morphological studies we were able to re-assess the diversity and distribution of Blidingia species in Northern Germany. We verified the presence of three Blidingia species and were able to disentangle previous mis-identifications. Furthermore, the applied methodology revealed the presence of a new species in the examined area.

Because of its antler like shape we designate the name Blidingia cornuta to this new species. The Latin word “cornuta” is translated as “horned” and due to several antler-like branches of Blidingia cornuta it very well reflects the morphology of this new species.

If you are interested in our new article you can read and download it here.

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