Seaweed is a promising sustainable source of vegan protein

Our new study in FOOD CHEMISTRY confirms: the nutritional quality of seaweed proteins can be improved after protein extraction.

Scientists forecast that alternative protein sources grow by an annual rate of 9 % until 2054. In our new open access paper you can read about how seaweed proteins of the green seaweed Ulva can be increased 3.5-fold using a scalable and food-grade method, the so called pH-shift method. Our results point out that the amino acid accessibility was higher in pH-shift protein extracts in comparison to crude Ulva. Additionally, the pH-shift method significantly improved the in vitro protein digestibility.

Foto: Lars Masonit

To summarize: “The pH-shift method can be a suitable technology to use when exploring seaweed as a novel vegan protein source since it can concentrate its protein whilst improving its digestibility” (Trigo et al. 2021).

If you are interested in our new article you can read and download it here.

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