Thank you, British Phycological Society!

My picture entitled "Forestal" wins the Hilda Canter-Lund award 2021

It was great fun to be part of this year´s Hilda Canter-Lund Award organized by the British Phycological Society. I feel honored that my photograph with the title “Forestal” was selected as the winner among all these beautiful image entries which show the impressing beauty of phycology.

The award was established by the British Phycological Society in recognition of Hilda Canter-Lund, whose amazing algae photographs will be known to many phycologists and algae-lovers.

Find the beautiful entries made to this year´s competition here.

Forestal – This image displays the stunning beauty of the typical Swedish flora above and below the surface. It gives a complementary picture of the oceanic forests dominated by Fucus spp. and the dense terrestrial Pine forests. Both ecosystems not only contribute important oxygen to the atmosphere, but also provide invaluable habitats for vertebrates, invertebrates and millions of microorganisms.  
The picture was taken at a shallow beach located in the Koster archipelago, Sweden in May 2021 using a GoPro HERO9. The water is about a meter deep.

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