Documentary on our seaweed research by Swedens biggest TV channel SVT1

Watch a short documentary about our research on seaweed aquaculture and future protein sources

We have been visited by the journalists and film makers Thomas von Heijne and Thomas Svensson from Swedens biggest TV channel, SVT1 during our seaweed harvest of Ulva. Together we talked about the uniqueness of our sea-based Ulva cultivation in Scandinavia and the importance of developing future food sources for a growing world population.

With our collaborators from Chalmers University of Technology we were able to show in SVT´s short documentary, how we aim to constitute a solid basis for future protein sources made from Ulva.

In a collaborative effort we apply modern methods to not only screen for native Ulva species and develop sound cultivation techniques, but we are also focusing on increasing the protein content of the seaweeds e.g. with food production process waters and furthermore developing methods to successfully extract proteins from the sustainably cultivated biomass.

Watch the short documentary of SVT rapport here,

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