Color image analysis of Ulva offers a rapid and cost-efficient method to assess the nitrogen content

Our new article provides a new tool to assess the value of seaweed biomass

Our new open access study “Determination of nitrogen content in Ulva fenestrata by color image analysis – a rapid and cost-efficient method to estimate nitrogen content in seaweeds” is now availlable in Frontiers in Marine Science and shows that color image analysis accurately estimates the nitrogen content of U. fenestrata.

Both, fresh tissue and dried powder can be assessed with this innovative technology. By providing novel models and additionally a web-based color-to-nitrogen image application (, we
allow seaweed farmers to assess the nitrogen content (and hence protein content) of their crop quickly and cost efficiently. By this seaweed farmers are no more dependent on time-consuming and expensive laboratory procedures. The provided tools will help the Blue Economy to overcome some of the obstacles when producing sustainable and high-quality food and feed in the rapidly developing seaweed aquaculture industry.
We further propose, that similar models could easily be developed using the same method as described in this study for other commercial interesting seaweed species.

If you are interested in assessing the nitrogen content of your seaweed and using our developed web tool, you will find it here:

Read the full article at Frontiers in Marine Science, here.

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