New article, new Ulva species – the unheeded existence of the tubular greens

New species description of a widely distributed green alga, Ulva capillata

Our new open access article “The unheeded existence of the tubular greens: molecular analyses reveal the distribution of a new Ulva species (Ulvophyceae, Chlorophyta), Ulva capillata sp. nov. in the Atlantic-Baltic Sea transect” reveals that due to the crypticity of tubular entities of the genus Ulva certain species remained undetected until recently.

One of these entities was discovered in the Atlantic-Baltic Sea transect and was described as Ulva capillata in our new publication which furthermore proves that U. capillata is a frequent species in the region.
With molecular evidence and a clear delimitation of individuals of U. capillata from closely related species, as well as with its distinctive morphological characters and significant ontogenetic differences, U. capillata delimits well from other Ulva species.

Our results confirm that the biodiversity within the genus Ulva is still incomplete and emphasizes the importance and necessity to molecularly investigate especially tubular entities and their respective historic type vouchers.

A clear species identification is often hindered by the absence of molecular data of of holo- and lectotypes. Such missing vital data adds up to the taxonomic confusion within the genus Ulva and supports the ongoing mis-application of names of e.g. cryptic species concepts and therefore fosteres the continuous changes in the systematics of this green algae group.

Read the full article in Journal of Applied Phycology, here:

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