ULTFARMS project funded by the EU

Circular low trophic off-shore aquaculture in wind-farms and restoration of marine space

ULTFARMS aims to move beyond the current low trophic aquaculture (LTA) systems with novel engineering, technical, ecological and biological processes to optimize the production of such systems in harsh off-shore conditions and low-salinity environments. Furthermore, these future relevant LTA systems will be integrated with off-shore wind farms which defines one of the main aims of the project – co-use and multi-use of marine space. The ULTFARMS consortium consists of 25 interdisciplinary partners from 9 countries covering the whole value chain expertise for LTA production and in total six LTA pilots within different locations across the North and Baltic Seas, are implemented in Belgian, Dutch, German, and Danish waters.

ULTFARMS will offer services to aquaculture producers for monitoring and minimizing diseases and alien species, managing inputs, optimizing sustainable production and demand management including risk analysis.

At the University of Gothenburg we will develop techniques for the off-shore aquaculture of seaweeds with an emphasize on sea lettuce.

Stay tuned for new results that help to promote a sustainable Blue Economy in the EU.

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